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BUH OK i hope i don’t sound pretentious in this because man idk if any of ya’ll actually care about my opinion or want to talk to me or want me to talk to you but hey here’s a general psa

chances are i do want to be your friend. CHANCES ARE I CONSIDER YOU A FRIEND. chances are we don’t talk much and that’s because i get nervous and over think things and basically get pretty anxious

SO UM UH IF YOU EVER WANNA TALK YOU CAN LIKE UH message me yeah. but i know that a lot of you get the same way which makes this socializing thing SUPER DIFFICULT but um hm oh dear

ok OK HERE’S AN IDEA how about… if it’s ok for me to come into your ask box and just be like HEY HELLO HOW’S IT GOING you can like this post and i’ll DO THAT YEAH doing a thing llllove it

  1. paco-the-tac0 said: WE SHOULD BE FRIENDS. KAT…RABU…FOREVER <3
  2. shitsuren-chama said: eew gross coodies
  3. ladychraelix said: <3
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