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Drawing more nudey people dohohohoho

I don’t know what got me thinking about this. Maybe just because it was a cute concept. But Aglet and Tracy sort of clash in my mind as to what’s important to them, but at the same time… they fit beautifully. I imagine Aglet would be the type who would consider meditation an important daily activity, where as Tracy’s would be something like… ah, I don’t know, clocking in, maybe! Tracy is strictly business and Aglet sort of floats. Still, as silly as the activity might be to him, I think he’d take part of it for curiosity’s sake (and maybe Aglet’s.)

Until she mentioned they had to do it in the nude. Then he got a little flustered.

  1. ladychraelix said: screams at how skinny he is aughsdkfjdslkhgkldsfj *buries face under my pillow forever* ;////////;
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