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listening to a sad song that has a nice beat


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tried that pokedesign thing with only the best psychic-type

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Steve with glasses Appreciation post [x]

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i hate going clothes shopping and going through sizes women’s sizes are the most ludicrous thing

like aside from the numbers bullshit, just looking through “small, medium, and large” is ridiculous

i am a small person

if a SMALL t-shirt can fit snugly on me, and SO CAN A LARGE



Did you see the post I made where they were out of the mens medium in a shirt so they gave me a woman’s xxl like apparently thats comparable

??? are you serious what

no i didnt see that what thats RIDICULOUS thats exactly what im talking about

a womans xxl being comparable to a mens medium is atrocious

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Sizing is dumb especially for women and it’s not fair that you can usually get mens clothes in XXL but women’s often only go up to L, maybe XL
For real! But I think the worst thing is in most cases even XL in womens aren’t going to fit just because the way clothes are made it’s like they’re trying to make women as small as possible and god forbid anyone go over what they’ve already “allowed” fat to be
Women come in a variety of sizes and clothing needs to start being made in accordance
Let’s make a “Large” size an ACTUAL LARGE and not try to shame women for being big, regardless of whether they are or not